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Work on your IT projects with qualified and experienced developers and engineers from our DevXpert team, who will be able to provide you with the best solution that meets your demands.

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Live the experience with us

Discover what we experienced during our talent outsourcing journey.

Our president, Luc Séguin, tells you why we set up talent outsourcing and how this experience has guaranteed the rapid growth of 5Xperts.

Quickly complete your teams with qualified talents

We are responding to a recruitment problem. Whether you are an SME or a large company, we are your partner to help you find the right resources and thus enable you to achieve your operational objectives.

Qualified and tailor-made talents

Our talents are able to deal with your problem and respond perfectly to your most specific needs.

Why Tunisia ?

Our offer

The benefits of outsourcing

1. Save time

Recruiting new resources into your company will require you to invest time and effort in the process of finding the most suitable talent for your project, but with outsourcing, you can now entrust this task to our experts!

2. Stay focused on your core business

Focusing on your core business and not having to worry about other tasks such as recruiting talent and administrative management will make you more productive and focused on your business.

3. Increase your profits

Employees are the fundamentals and the main basis of a successful business, delegating this mission to experts who will provide you with the best profiles for your needs will increase your overall progress in your business projects.

The outsourcing process

Analysis of needs and search for profiles

1. In-depth identification of the need and personalized advice
2. Well-structured internal talent search methodology
3. Selection and validation of HR/Technical and Soft Skills profiles
4. Clear and transparent recruitment process with predefined deadlines

After integrating the resource into your team

1. Implementation of an integration plan for each new resource
2. Supervision and permanent technical monitoring of the resource
3. Smooth and continuous communication with the partner
4. Ensure an environment that meets the standards of our customers

Permanent outsourcing method

The recruited talent is entirely dedicated to working with you, full time. He integrates your team and takes care of the necessary projects according to his expertise, while we take care of all the follow-up processes and all the administrative actions and social charges.

A qualified team

We provide you with the best profiles in the following areas:


Software Developer, Web Developer, Mobile Application Developer

Graphic designer, UX/UI designer

Developer “Back-end”, “Front-end”, “Full stack”

Business analyst

BI Analyst / BI Developer

Social Media Manager, Mass Mailing (Marketing)

Content Marketing Manager, HR Marketing

Customer service, customer support

Accounting assistant, bookkeeping, accounting technician

Other positions that can be done remotely

Questions we receive the most

Our main activity is oriented to the IT world but we are also very active on the digital side but also when it comes to any administrative or HR projects.

5Xperts welcomes all young and experienced talents in its team to satisfy the needs of our partners, consult the following link:

Our offices are located at: 5600 Rue Hochelaga Suite 212, Montreal, QC H1N 3L7, Canada We can also be reached via our telephone number: 514 416-4046

Or by email: