The Importance of Responsive Design: Why It’s Crucial in the Mobile Era and How to Implement It Effectively

In our modern era, the increasing use of mobile devices such as smartphones and tablets has radically transformed how we access information online. As a result, responsive web design has become a must-have element for any business or website looking to thrive in this digital environment. In this article, our 5Xperts team explores the importance […]


What is UI/UX design?

Le UX et UI : Deux termes qui sont souvent utilisés dans la même phrase mais ayant deux différentes significations. Alors, que signifient-ils vraiment, et quelle est la différence entre ces deux termes ? La conception d’interface utilisateur (UI) et la conception d’expérience utilisateur (UX) sont deux termes fondamentaux dans la conception de sites Web […]


5Xperts attends the 10th edition of “Stratégie PME”

At 5Xperts, we know how important it is to maintain a digital presence and to be active in the digital era ! And to make sure to meet you in large numbers, we are pleased to inform you that 5Xperts will participate in the 10th edition of “ Stratégie PME ” that will be held […]


COMMERCE BLEU: A specialized transactional platform for the manufacturing and industrial

COMMERCE BLEU is not a conventional website, it is a high-performance transactional platform that allows you to automate your processes and centralize your operations. Advanced features to improve your profitability A 100% Quebec e-commerce solution Connection and interaction with your existing systems Doing “e-commerce” does not always mean selling online. Increasingly, B2B (business to business) […]


Does an e-commerce site absolutely have to work on a mobile device?

At 5Xperts, we have developed expertise related to the WEB PLATFORM. In fact, a web platform is an environment allowing the management and/or use of application services. The platform as such can be an application service, for example, it can offer products and services, offer the shopping cart and payment. Subsequently, it takes the information […]


5Xperts becomes official WINDEV distributor for Canada

Is it really news? Not really. Many of you might know me from Groupe LSI. From 1995 to 2013, our excellent team has distributed this outstanding product across Quebec to enterprises of all sizes and to individuals that went on to become true WINDEV experts. 5Xperts now continues Groupe LSI’s mission by offering WINDEV across […]

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