Digital audit for a more efficient and prosperous business

Discover how our expertise in digital auditing, adapted to your activities: manufacturing, distribution, field services; can transform your business by optimizing your processes and positioning you advantageously in the Industry 4.0 era.

With a personalized approach and integrated recommendations, we support you in your transition to a successful digital transformation, ensuring competitiveness and prosperity in an ever-changing economic landscape.

The contribution of 5Xperts digital audit

Before audit


Effects on your business

Lack of seamless integration between your digital solutions.

Integrated Application Programming Interface application category.
Phase-out manual transcription of data between applications.

Deadline overruns and poor cost management affecting profitability.
Built-in app category of Business Intelligence.

A decision making informed by analysis multi-dimensional in real time.
Labor shortage and search for automation solutions.

Built-in app category Intelligent Process Automation.

A capacity for work tenfold in your employees by freeing them routine tasks.

Our audit approach towards
a tailor-made digital transformation

Turn your opportunities into success with our innovative 3-step approach to your digital transformation for a successful, successful business.


Clarify opportunities for optimal growth

To start this first step, take inventory of the portfolio current application as well as the sample of typical transactional documents.
Clarification consists of moving into review the pre-established cartography of our part, of all the processes adapted to your business activities.

From this exercise emerge effectively findings & opportunities digital transformation for support optimal growth of your company.

Formulate technological recommendations for maximum efficiency

After clarifying the opportunities, we let's begin the next step by formulating category recommendations integrated application for developments possible technologies. Furthermore, to adequately guide the change strategy, we identify the impact of opportunities & recommendations dations on your current applications. To complete this step, for each of the processes, we identify the requirements of the data objects to be integrate for maximum efficiency of your company.

Establish the deployment roadmap for a milestone transformation

As a final step, we set up a deployment roadmap on measure to translate the recommendations into a concrete action plan.
Thanks to our strategic approach gradual and carefully planned, each phase of transformation is carefully orchestrated over time.
This method ensures a transition fluid towards a more agile and competitive, ready to meet the challenges of market with confidence.

The benefits of digital transformation

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Liberation of silos

Streamline your processes for cross-functional collaboration.
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Evolutionary growth

Structure your operations to
sustainable expansion.
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Strategic mastery

Anticipate and effectively manage transformation challenges.
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Technological integration

Connect your apps for instant
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Resource Optimization

Save time and money through refined management.
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Clear vision and direction

Benefit from a focused digital plan to guide your priorities.

We mainly serve the following sectors


Manufacturers and assembly companies

Distribution companies

Installation and maintenance companies

Companies providing professional services

We offer a diverse range of applications perfectly suited to your needs

Studied orientation towards the data environment best suited to your reality: